Ben completed the registered massage therapy program at Vancouver Career College. With a passion for athletics, Ben started his education at Langara College in Human Kinetics. Due to his growing passion and interest in the human body, Ben pursued a career in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer for eight years prior to becoming an RMT.

Working with various types of athletes including the general public, his belief is that anyone who requires movement of their body is considered an athlete. He understands the importance of helping athletes improve their ranges of motion to attain positions that are required for their specific demands of life or sport and then working to develop the proprioceptive awareness in order to stabilize the body in these new found positions.

With this in mind, Ben has carried this way of thinking into his manual therapy treatments. Ben’s treatment philosophy involves viewing and treating of the body as a whole rather than a reductionistic model, where muscles and joints move in isolation. Pain is often a symptom and not the root issue in many cases, Ben enjoys challenging himself to seek out these answers.

In his treatments, he likes to incorporate a variety of different techniques and modalities such as trigger point release, myofascial release, active release, PNF stretching and joint mobilizations into his treatments.

Outside the clinic, Ben has enjoyed being active in the gym, basketball, track and field, and ice hockey throughout his life. As a personal hobby, he has competed in bodybuilding working up to competition at the Canadian national level.

Areas of Interest: Overuse injuries, Movement Restrictions, Shoulder, Foot/Ankle and Sports Injuries

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