We bill through all major extended medical plans. Call us directly to find out if we bill directly through your medical coverage.


While we try to facilitate direct billing with our clients to make things simpler, you are more than welcome to pay privately if you do not have extended medical or prefer to submit independently.


Direct Billing with ICBC. If you have been injured you are entitled to the following with us automatically: 25 Physiotherapy sessions, 12 RMT sessions and 12 Kinesiology sessions.

EVSRC will bill directly to ICBC to align with the new ICBC guidelines that were implemented April 1, 2019.

For each appointment, EVSRC will bill ICBC for the pre-determined amount set for each type of therapy. An additional user fee will be charged depending on the service ($20 – Physio, $12 – Kinesiology, $0-35 – RMT) that the client will have to pay out of pocket. This fee can be billed to your extended health. If you have any questions regarding ICBC sessions, billing or user fees, please feel free to contact us.



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appointments with evsrc can be easily booked online, if you have any questions prior to booking just email us at or get in touch with us on 604-416-3699 and we’ll get back to you asap!