Matt grew up on the West Coast of BC, Canada, having enjoyed everything the mountains, sea, lakes, and trails have to offer. Athletically, he participated, competed and excelled in baseball and basketball at the high school and independent level, and transitioned to collegiate basketball and then rowing! Academically, he graduated from UFV in 2005 having earned distinctions in Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, and Sociology.

Professionally, Matt started his career in clinical kinesiology in 2002, working as a complement to a number of Physiotherapists and Doctors that he still considers friends and mentors. Thereafter in 2005, he began his career as a Kinesiologist and a Sport Performance Coach. In 2009, he transitioned fully into the world of High-Performance Sport Coaching and Education by accepting a Directorship position with TWIST Performance + Wellness. Given the opportunity, Matt’s abilities as an educator, public speaker and professional coach for sports, return to play, and general population exploded. Career highlights with TWIST included collaborating with UA and IMG for education, Summer High-Performance Hockey Camps with grassroots and pro players, opening TWIST Vancouver in Olympic Village, and in 2016, accepting a position with the Chinese Olympic Committee to become part of their administrative, education, and coaching team as a Director for High Performance and Rehabilitation for the Rio-Summer 2016, and PyeongChang-Winter 2018 Olympic Games. Having the ability to collaborate with some of the brightest and best coaching, rehabilitation, and performance minds in the world was truly a game-changer. Fast forward to 2019, and after his Olympic experiences, Matt decided to return to his roots back in Vancouver and create East Vancouver Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic, with the goal in mind to bring the professional sport experience and accessibility back to grass-root sports and athletes.

Personally, Matt’s better half Erin is the glue for the family, and she supports every one of Matt’s crazy ideas. Blessed with two young daughters and a well-loved golden retriever, they are a crazy, functional family that’s always ready to enjoy life, compete hard, and learn life lessons along the way. Matt enjoys finding mountainous terrain for sports and outdoor play, perusing Vancouver’s excellent craft beer scene, and hitting the gym for all things performance-based.

Interests: Sports Performance, Sport Rehabilitation, Return to play, Kinesiology, Baseball, Basketball, Multi-Directional Sports, Strength, Power, Speed development.

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