EOA is our sister gym, located within our integrated sports facility. A Little About Them:

EOA elevates human athletic potential with purpose, collaboration, and passion.

When you train or coach at Essentials of Athletics, you belong to a team. A team that is driven by creating an environment that allows for athletes of all ages and abilities to experience success. The process starts with building a strong relationship based on trust, commitment and communication. We want you to be excited (and maybe even a little scared) by your goals, because nothing gets us more fired up than seeing you accomplish something you never thought possible. Together we will celebrate your successes.


High level play demands dedication, awareness and sacrifice. Travail Development is committed to nurturing these qualities in players through professional level skills development, real world decision-making and holistic performance mentoring. Travail Development intends to shape players into overall athletes of the future.

Drawing from our combined 24 years of professional baseball experiences, we aim to shape the body and mind of up and coming ball players. Guiding young players with the proper training, the right equipment and a clear strategy into the best colleges are critical aspects of developing future professional baseball players.

Travail Development is the platform for players with this dream to create their own reality.