Stephanie Jamieson

A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Steph holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology with a focus in sports psychology.

As a practising Kinesiologist, certified under the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK) she strives to provide better healthcare options by engaging in collaborative, high-quality patient-centred care.  

Steph believes that everyone holds the potential to perform at their optimal capacity. She uses an integrative approach to health and fitness allowing her to help individuals achieve their long-term wellness goals while addressing the fundamentals of functional movement and holistic habits. Her area of specialization includes addressing clients’ physical and psychological health which allows her to provide whole-body care, creating programs that will facilitate each individual along their wellness journey.

As a past professional dancer, Steph spent her youth dancing and training pre-professionally within the ballet and contemporary worlds. This is where she learned the importance of proper injury management and rehabilitation. During this time, she gained an appreciation for how resilient the body can be when given the right resources and support.

Steph also spent some time in the world of bodybuilding (bikini) division. She has been through the process of pushing her body to its limits, allowing her to gain valuable knowledge and experience regarding rehabilitation and recovery that she looks forward to sharing with others.

Changing your mindset and focusing on where you can be instead of being overwhelmed with where you are at, is often difficult to do alone. Steph strives to help her clients overcome these obstacles and together as a team achieving long-term successful outcomes.

FUN FACT: Steph loves a good tune, glass of wine and company that makes her laugh.

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